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As fitness professionals, we know that exercise can help boost the body’s immune system. But did you know that physical activity can actually produce an inflammatory response, leading to chronic inflammation?

Exercise for Cancer Patients: Fitness After Treatment

If you’ve made it through the rough road of cancer diagnosis and treatment, you’re probably thinking about what you can do to stay healthy. But just what is the best way to get fit, and maximize your long-term health? WebMD talked to the experts about the best exercise for cancer patients after treatment.

Like exercise after surgery to remove breast cancer, you need to give yourself enough time to heal after reconstruction before you start. If you have reconstruction that moves skin, fat, and sometimes muscle from another area of your body (belly, back, buttocks, or thigh) to rebuild your breast, you’ll probably need more than 8 weeks to heal.

  1. Cancer survivors: Care for your body after treatment …

Cancer survivors: Care for your body after treatment. Simple steps can improve your sense of well-being and your quality of life after cancer treatment.

  1. Exercising During Cancer Treatment

For example, exercises can be prescribed to improve range of motion and prevent lymphedema, a chronic arm swelling that affects some breast cancer patients after lymph node removal. Exercise with impact. An effective exercise program has three components: An aerobic workout that pumps up your heart rate. Examples include brisk walking (outdoors or on a treadmill), jogging, swimming, or bicycling.

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Lara Benusis, head of Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Exercise and Yoga Program, discusses what cancer patients should know about exercise during and after treatment.

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