Thoughtful ways to show your appreciation- 


  1. Make your loved one’s home health aide a holiday dish or meal. Home health aides do wonders for both the patients they care for and the patients’ families. Patients who can stay home instead of living in a facility are generally happier and better-adjusted, while their families often feel reduced stress, knowing that their loved ones are in a place where they feel comfortable. Show your appreciation for a home health aide or nurse by bringing them one of your favorite holiday dishes, or make a plate for them and share a meal together. Having a moment to talk and connect will make both of you feel good.
  2. Accompany a small gift with a handwritten letter. Gifts are certainly a lovely holiday tradition, and a thoughtful one can go a long way toward showing that you care. But a handwritten note or letter can be even more meaningful. Even if you thank your loved one’s caregiver daily, taking the time to write something out will mean the world to him or her, and give the caregiver something tangible to hang on to and look at when they’re feeling overwhelmed or sad.
  3. Give the gift of time off. For family caregivers, like siblings or spouses, time off can be an incredibly precious gift. Get together with family or friends and arrange to provide whatever care is necessary in order to give the regular caregiver a day, or two, or three off. If there’s one thing caregivers need, it’s a chance to replenish their emotional stores—time free of those responsibilities will give allow them to do just that. You could even give them a weekend away, either alone or with a spouse or close friend. Who among us would turn down a mini-vacation, after all?

You will be able to think of more thoughtful things to do to express your appreciation to your family / caregiver .  . .share your ideas with us on the blog / facebook